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Gamestop Corp Stock Info

This is just a quick info section that I’ve made for GME, it will show you the SI data, shares amount, current price, previous price, balance sheets, etc. I thought it’d be a useful tool to have; so you can see everything on a single page. I’ve also enabled the ability to download majority of the data that I am able to provide you with for download.

If you have further questions, tips or ideas please comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

If data is missing its possible that the website lost connection to the API provider and/or I’ve exceeded my usage. Try to refresh the webpage in like 30 seconds.

Short Volume

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Balance Sheet

Annual Balance Sheet

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Quarterly Balance Sheet

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GME Annual Cashflow

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GME Quarterly Cashflow

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AI Prediction

Remember that this chart is outputted by an AI. So its probably like 100% inaccurate. Use your mouse to look at the numbers and dates hover over the stars/dots.

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