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Word/AI GamesMoney MakingGenerating ImagesNSFW ImagesOther
aki Start a game of Akinator!allin Bets all your currency for a chance to win big! badges Creates a fun fake badge based on your discord profile 4k Sends some 4k images from random subreddits. chatchart Generates a pie chart, representing the last 5000 messeages
catfact Gets a random cat fact.blackjack Play a game of blackjack. gbadges Creates a fun fake gif badge based on your discord profileahegao Sends some ahegao images from random subreddits. serverchart Generates a pie chart, representing the last 1000 messages
chess draw draw related commands casino Interacts with the Casino system.listbadges List the available badges that can be createdanal Sends some anal images/gifs from random subreddits. commandchart See the used commands in a certain channel
chess list list all available games coin Coin flip game with a 50/50 chance to win.cah Cyanide and Happinessasianporn Sends some asian porn images. covid Stats about Covid-19 or countries if provided.
chess move move the next game piece, using Standard Algebraic Notation craps Plays a modified version of crapscalvin Calvin and Hobbesass Sends some ass images from random subreddits. covidnews Covid News from a Country – County must be 2-letter
chess start start a new gamecups Guess which cup of three is hiding the coin.chainsaw Chainsawsuit bbw Sends some bbw images. defcon Reports the server DEFCON level.
compliment Compliment the userdice Roll a set of dice and win on 2, 7, 11, 12.dilbert Dilbert bdsm Sends some bdsm from random subreddits. defcon+ Elevates the server DEFCON level.
dare Dare someone! double Play a game of Double Or Nothing.garfield Garfield blackcock Sends some blackcock images from random subreddits. defcon- Lowers the server DEFCON level.
neverhaveiever Never have I hilo Pick high, low, or 7 in a dice rolling game.mrls Mr. Lovenstein blowjob Sends some blowjob images/gifs from random subreddits. defconchan Constrain defcon alerts to a specific channel.
truth Ask a truth question to users! war Play a modified game of war.oddones Odd 1s Out boobs Sends some boobs images from random subreddits. setdefcon Manually set the server DEFCON level in case of emergncy
wouldyourather Would you rather?crypto buy Buy crypto ohno Webcomic Name bottomless Sends some bottomless images from random subreddits. leaderboard Print the leaderboard.
covefy Convert almost any word into covfefecrypto list List your crypto pbf The Perry Bible Fellowship cleandm Delete a number specified of DM’s from the bot. freshmeat Show the members who joined in the specified timeframe
dad/dadjoke Dad joke superhub
crypto price Price of a crypto sarah Sarah’s Scribbles cosplay Sends some nsfw cosplay images from random subreddits. botstat Get stats about the bot
oof React “O” to a message. crypto sell Sell cryptosmbc Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal cumshot Sends some cumshot images/gifs from random subreddits. rep Give a reputation point to another user!
react Add letter(s) as reaction to previous message. e backyard Where ya animals live! xkcd XKCDcunnilingus Sends some cunnilingus images from random subreddits. repboard Show the reputation leaderboard.
regional Replace letters with regional indicator emojis. e deletemydata Delete your game data. crab Make crab rave videos deepthroat Sends some deepthroat images from random subreddits. membercount Get count of all members + humans and bots separately.
space Add n spaces between each letter. Ex: =space 2 thicc. evolve Evolve them animals to get more of da economy credits miku Make miku rave videosdick Sends some dicks images from random subreddits.saucenao [NSFW] Reverse search image via SauceNAO
textflip Flip given text. e market Buy or sell animals from different sellers deepfry Deepfries images. doublepenetration Sends some double penetration images/gifs fro… tracemoe Reverse search image via WAIT
vowelreplace Replaces all vowels in a word with a letter.e start Start your adventurenuke Demolishes images.ebony Sends some ebony images. screenshare Generate the screenshare link for the authors current screen sharing session.
8 Ask 8 ball a question. e stash Where your special animals are put if you cannot hold them.beautiful Generate a beautiful image using users avatarfacials Sends some facials images from random subreddits. seen Shows last time a user was seen in chat.
choose Choose between multiple options. payday Get some free currency.blackpill Generate a Black Pillfeet Sends some feet images from random subreddits.snipe Shows the last deleted message from a specified channel.
flip Flip a coin… or a user.payouts Show the payouts for the slot machine.bluepill Generate a Blue Pillfemdom Sends some femdom images from random subreddits. strawpoll Create a new strawpoll!
lmgtfy Create a lmgtfy link. slot Use the slot machine.facemerge Generate a gif of two images fading into eachotherfuta Sends some futa images from random subreddits. tts Send Text to speech messages as an mp3
roll Roll a random number. heist bailout Specify who you want to pay for release. Defaults to you. feels Generate a feels image using users avatar and role colourgay Sends some gay porn from random subreddits. weather Display weather in a given location
rps Play Rock Paper Scissors. heist clear Clears a member of jail and death statuses. greenpill Generate a Green Pillgonewild Sends some gonewild images from random subreddits.
serverinfo Show server information. heist createtarget Add a target to heist gwheeze Generate a gif wheeze image if user has a gif avatargroup Sends some groups nudes from random subreddits.
stopwatch Start or stop the stopwatch. heist edittarget Edits a heist target obama Synthesize video clips of Obamahentai Sends some hentai images/gifs from Nekobot API.
urban Search the Urban Dictionary.heist info Shows the Heist settings for this server. pill Generate a pill image to any colour with hex codeslesbian Sends some lesbian gifs or images from random subreddits.
hangman Play a game of hangman against the bot!heist listthemes Lists available themes for heist. purplepill Generate a Purple Pillmilf Sends some milf images from random subreddits.
inspire Become someone who is inspiredheist play This begins a Heist redpill Generate a Red Pillnsfwversion Get the version of the installed Nsfw cog.
insult Insult the userheist release Removes you from jail or clears bail status if sentence… scrollbanner Generate a scrolling text gif banneroral Sends some oral gifs or images from random subreddits.
lovecalculator Calculate the love percentage!heist remove Remove a target from the heist list trump Generate isnowillegal gif imageporngif Sends some porn gifs from Nekobot API.
lyrics Search lyrics or lyrics from bot’s current track.heist reset Resets heist in case it hangs
wheeze Generate a wheeze image with text or a user avatarpublic Sends some public nude images from random subreddits.
about Display your or someone else’s about heist revive Revive from the dead! yellowpill Generate a Yellow Pillpussy Sends some pussy nude images from random subreddits.
crush Tell us who you have a crush on. heist stats Shows your Heist stats cat Shows a catrealgirls Sends some real girls images from random subreddits.
divorce Divorce your current spouse heist targets Shows a list of targets cats Throws a cat bomb!redhead Sends some red heads images from random subreddits.
exes Display your or someone else’s exes. heist theme Sets the theme for heistdog Shows a dogrule34 Sends some rule34 images from random subreddits.
gift Give someone something. lottery games View game explanations dogs Throws a dog bomb!squirt Sends some squirts images from random subreddits.
marry Marry the love of your life! lottery lucky3 Play a game of Lucky 3fox Shows a foxthigh Sends some thighs images from random subreddits.
perform Do something with someone. freecredits daily Get some free currency every day foxes Throws a fox bomb!threesome Sends some threesome images.
spouses Display your or someone else’s spouses.freecredits hourly Get some free currency every hour pug Shows a pugtrans Sends some trans from random subreddits.
lifted Shows how many times you’ve lifted the hammer. freecredits monthly Get some free currency every month (30 days) pugs Throws a pugs bomb!yiff Sends some yiff images from random subreddits.
liftedboard Shows the leaderboard for those who have lifted the… freecredits quarterly Get some free currency every quarter (122 days) aesthetics Returns inputed text in aesthetics
trylift Try and lift Thor’s hammer!freecredits times Display remaining time for all options ascii Convert text into ASCII
monopoly Play monopoly with 2-8 people.freecredits weekly Get some free currency every week (7 days) caption Add caption to an image
partygames bombparty Start a game of bombparty. freecredits yearly Get some free currency every year (365 days)emojify Replace characters in text with emojis
partygames fast Race to type a word the fastest. freecredits all Get all of your free currency with one commandflipimg Rotate an image 180 degrees
partygames long Type the longest word. fertilize Fertilize the soil. flop Flip an image
partygames mix Play a mixture of all 4 games. gardening Gardening commands. glitch Glitch a gif or png
partygames most Type the most words.shovel Shovel your plant out. gmagik Attempt to do magik on a gif
penis Detects user’s penis lengthprune Prune your plant.haah Mirror an image vertically left to right
boobsize Detects user’s boobs size
vaginacheck Detects user’s vagina tightness
assholecheck Detects user’s asshole tightness
botlovecheck Detects how much the bot loves the user
infectme Get infected for 5,000 currency. water Water your plant.hooh Mirror an image horizontally bottom to top
plaguedoctor Become a doctor for 10,000 currency. pets Manage your pet.invert Invert the colours of an image
plaguenotify Enable/Disable Plague Game notifications. race bet Bet on a user in the race. jpeg Add more JPEG to an Image
plagueprofile Show’s your Plague Game profilerace enter Allows you to enter the race. magik Apply magik to Image(s)
pokedex Search for information on a Pokémonrace start Begins a new race. merge Merge/Combine Two Photos
pokemon This is the list of Pokémon queries you can perform.race stats Display your race stats.minecraftachievement Generate a Minecraft Achievement
charactersearch Search for Harry Potter characters recyclingplant Apply for a job at the recycling plant!pixelate Pixelate an image
housesort Find your Harry Potter Houserussian Start or join a game of russian Generate tombstone image with name and optional text
pressf Pay respects by pressing Fstock buy Buy stocks. rotate Rotate image X degrees
rpsls Play rock, paper, scizzors, lizard, spock.stock list List your stocks. sans Generate an image of text with comicsans
cuddle Cuddles a user! stock price View the price of a stock. triggered Generate a Triggered Gif for a User or Image
feed Feeds a user! stock sell Sell stocks.tti Generate an image of text
highfive Highfives a user! cooldowns List your remaining cooldowns.. vw Add vaporwave flavours to an image
hugs Hugs a user! crime Commit a crime, more risk but higher payout. waaw Mirror an image vertically right to left
kiss Kiss a user! roulette Bet on the roulette wheel.watermark Add a watermark to an image
lick Licks a user! woow Mirror an image horizontally top to bottom
pat Pats a user! apod Astronomy Picture of the Day.
poke Pokes a user! astronauts Show who is currently in space.
slap Slaps a user! isslocation Show the Current location of the ISS.
smug Be smug towards someone! spacepic Lookup pictures from space!
tickle Tickles a user!tarot Receive a tarot reading
send Send a card to someone!
trivia Start trivia session on the specified category.
twenty Starts a 2048 game inside of Discord.
vibe Start (or stop) vibing

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