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Bulls Finance Meme – Scared Donut

Just a funny LOTR meme that he made as a gif. I just modified it so its a video and added some motion tracking to some of the text. I used After Effects to create the video format

I’ve also uploaded the project files below if you want to modify/play around.

Plugins Used

  • Boris Mocha for motion tracking
  • Red Giant Type Cast for some of the text
  • Red Giant Numbers for the number counting

The Original:

The original gif that was created by BullMostCometentTrader. (This was converted to MP4 so it can be displayed on the website properly, other than that no changes were made)

The Final Project Not-Cut v1

The project that I’ve worked on aka the video version. This is the final uncut version. (Some unused parts need to be removed. TBD)

Project File(s)

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